With the our lead generation service, you will receive a steady inflow of new leads to your company.

The quantity of leads can be increased or reduced based on your company’s needs and what you are capable of handling. All leads from the very beginning of every campaign are tracked and recorded from their very first click!

We Research Your Market

First we research your market and audience. We get a list of searched keywords and terms for your business and sift through the thousands of keywords and terms to find the most relevant and top producing. If we’re doing Facebook ads we find the most relevant audience.

We Build Your Ads & Copy

Now that we know your target market and audience. We start building the ads and implement different keyword phrases in to specific audience targeted ads.

We Create You A Landing Page

After getting all the needed information we need from you, we build your own Landing Page where your potential clients will land on. This will include all of the necessary information that the leads will see and make the decision to reach out to your company!

We Add Our Secret-Sauce Recipe

We can’t exactly say all that we do to create this one-of-a-kind lead generation service (James Bond classified), but to explain it it goes something like this: Once we create your custom landing page, we create a sales funnel and link it through Pay-Per-Click advertising using our top of the line, Google Ad-Words certified service to ensure 100% results. Through this, we link through our other affiliate services and rake in the leads!

We Create Your Lead Tracking Software Account

Using our proprietary lead tracking software, we create a custom call tracking phone number for our ads. Our software tracks phone calls, offers phone call recording, lead submission tracking, customer tracking and a ROI calculator for all leads. You will be provided a personal account with our software.

We Send You Monthly Reports

From call tracking to Google Analytics, we report to you how many people see your page, how many people call you and how many people request information. In either case, you receive every new lead that comes to you automatically.

That’s the big difference with us: we don’t charge you per lead, we charge you the same monthly fee for as many leads as come in.

You Rake In The Leads!

We don’t charge you per lead like many other marketing companies. We charge flat fee for an unlimited number of leads. Watch as new clients flow in to your business like never before and enjoy how fast your business is growing!

Some technical stuff you should know when researching lead generation services:

1. Keywords & Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are the over-all term being searched for. An example keyword could be “Chocolate”.
Long-tail keywords are a series of several words being used that drill down search results so that the user can find exactly what they are looking for. These would be the specific search terms that your customers search for to find your product or service. An example Long-Tail keyword would be “Belgian Chocolate in Los Angeles”.

2. Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords are those words that are searched for that you DO NOT want your ads to show up on. You could consider these words to be “modifiers” of the over all search term. Some examples of this would be: Free, Do It Yourself, Pictures of, and so on. Basically anything that modifies the search into anything that specifically denotes that the searcher is NOT looking for what you offer.

As these ads run, we determine which ads are producing the best return on investment.

Just so we are on the same page here, during in the beginning there will be a higher cost per lead & conversion. This is necessary to find the best producing ads. As time goes on, we will “pause” the ads that are not producing as much so that your cost per conversion goes down.