Promoted Pins On Pinterest vs. Paid Ads On Facebook

by | Aug 3, 2015

Pinterest is slowly rolling out the ability for businesses to advertise pins. They’re called promoted pins. I was lucky enough to be invited into their program about 5 months ago somewhat as a beta tester while they worked out bugs and other issues with advertising program softwares. It’s like Google and Facebook advertising all over again. Extremely cheap and highly effective at getting people to your website.

3 Tips for promoting on Pinterest:

1. Promote a specific product, not a service or a variety of products. And make sure the website page that you send your users to when they click on your pin has nothing to do with anything other than the pin you have promoted.

2. Know your target audience and know the demographic of users on Pinterest. With these ads you can target very specific demographics, keywords and geographic areas. Know what keywords your audience search for when looking for a product like yours.

3. Don’t forget to have a well defined call to action on the product page you’ve sent your users to. In this case you want them to buy it, so you need to TELL them to buy it.

At the time of this post, if you want to advertise on Pinterest you have to join a waitlist. Doing so is quite simple:

1. Create a business account or convert your current Pinterest account to a business account.

2. Go to and request to join the wait list.