With local business SEO, we will ensure your online presence is correctly set up and ensure that your business is listed PERFECTLY.

Online Organization = Big Footprint

Let’s liken this to connect the dots. The first dot is your website (#1). The next dots would be the social media accounts that you have for your business (#2, #3, etc.). This is good, but we are going to add 45 other dots and then, the most important part, connect every single one of them to your website and social media.

We’ve got all the dots numbered. We know what to do. You could call us connect the dots masters, and at the end it’s gonna be a beautiful picture!

See Where Your Customers Come From

Now that we’re organized, let’s find out where your customers are coming from. Determine your top referring sources. You’re going to know where they are finding you because we can track and report that.

Link Everything To Your Website


Who gives out a business card with no contact information?? We could tell you that, but we don’t know who they are or how to get a hold of them…

So let’s make sure that your customers can find you and contact you shall we?


Multiple Sources Of Lead Generation


The large quantity of accounts that we create for you have been specifically chosen due to the high level of importance that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others place on those websites. We have filtered through many other local listing accounts and websites that don’t make the cut. Over 300 actually. The local listing sites we will organize your business on have been hand picked over years of use. As we organize your local presence, you will see website and social traffic gradually rise up and up.