1) Name it correctly.

youtube 1
When naming your video, ensure the name of your video is correctly named BEFORE uploading it to YouTube. Let’s take “Funniest Cat Video Ever” as an example. Name it, and then upload it to YouTube.

Once that process has begun, write the name in the title as shown. You can also include other related keywords in there to further your reach.


2) Write a great description.
youtube 2
First thing you should do is paste your website link, or point it to whatever page you want to capture the identity of your viewers (landing page – contact us to have one built).

Second thing is to write a full description of the video and a message asking people to share and follow you!

3)Write the correct tags
youtube 3
Tags are those specific keywords related to your video that You-Tube uses to show your video to those searching for them. Examples of Tags for our “Funniest Cat Video Ever” video would be: “Cat”, “Cat Video”, “Funny Cat Video”, etc…



4) Share it FAST!
youtube 4
The first 24 hours after posting a video are very crucial because this is all the time you have to make a difference. As soon as it’s live, share it on social media, email it to your friends, family and available database, embed it on your website, and just share, share, share!

You need to give it all within the first 24 hours, but of course do not stop after that. Try to share it every day!



5) If REALLY needed, cheat:

If needed, you can buy views from buyviews.co. You-Tube will delete your video and close out your account if they find out you bought views, but buyviews.co is a legitimate website that gets legitimate views to your video for a small fee.

The more views there are, the more people will be willing to watch your video!


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